Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lessons from "low ridin"

There are many lessons one can learn from low riding pants. Gravity works against you. It's a constant fight. 

This last month all family members were in the Prius C And we were driving by a bicyclist. In the town we live in that isn't new. 
This young man was for sure low riding. His waist line of his shorts were mid thigh to lower thigh at best. 

Of my three children only two were paying attention and were like woah! I pointed out that I was glad this was a boy and not a girl. Thought that might get some giggles but Thing 2 was too shocked to respond. Then from the back of the car we hear thing 1 mumble....

"If I was a girl I'd stare at my boobs all day" 

Woah what was that? 

Cause honestly I had barely heard that and all that was really clear was the word boobs. 

So we asked him to repeat what he said! 

Yup totally honest. He was probably playing a tablet video game and only half listening to what we were saying. He comes out with the one truest true statement of all man kind. The one they probably all think and don't say out loud. 

Thanks Thing 1 thanks. 

A year and some ago

Getting dressed and ready for school and my little boys come to me with a label maker label that says 

"The boys are a--wholes" 
Now they are confused and a little devistated. Thing 2 has a quick and ready reply of "oh mom that's awful who would do such a thing" 

All morning we tried to figure out who it was that left the nasty note. No one fessed up. 

Clues that were left
1. The boys 
No one called the boys the boys except thing 2

2. A-- holes were spelled wrong. Only thing 2 has a very fierce enemy named spelling. 

So with that we knew who really had used the label maker and stuck it to the door. 

She would not fess up. Like we took the whole  5 minute car ride to school and explained that we wouldn't be upset. That we loved her and that even if she was the one who did it we would all forgive her. She didn't break. 

Thing 1 and the fish exited the car and that's when she broke down and tears began to flow.

She was really sorry. So all I said was if you are gonna swear you have to spell it right. And if you are gonna do something mean you need to take responsibility for it. 

She is learning day by day she is learning . 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Provo 1 davis - well still standing...

It's days like today I need a blog. I need a  place to write it all down and try figure it out. 

Best friend leaving today was so hard. I know we are gonna see her like in a couple weeks but really the last week has been amazing. I miss her so much it hurts. And she has only been gone like 5 hours. 

We are gonna be doing so much work here in the near future. Just praying she and her hubs are like blissfully happy. I know they are going to a much better place but it feels like one more couple that has grown up and left the school town we have lived in and loved for so long. 

Cleaning her home today and packing the last of the little stuff into the van was sooo hard to keep it together. But I held strong. One because I'm am an ugly crier and two because I don't want to make it harder for her. 

I sat sweeping the front room remembering all the fun amazing times we had in that house. Where babies 2 were born and c sections were recovered from. Where folding laundry and chatting about business and kids happened. Where we lost loved ones and cried when they left too soon. 

When you look at the front room and think of all the memories.... and now it being soooo sooo empty. It broke a little piece of my soul. Could the new people feel the love that happened in that place? In the new house they are going to are the memories that the original family had in that place going to keep going? 

Remembered the bday parties we shared and the baptisms we attended. The weddings we took pictures at the weddings we will take pictures at. Ugh!! 
The weddings she missed cause she was having babies! All the wonderful things that happened there. 

I'm so not thrilled with the current place we are in but I have to say I do love these walls that have kept us healthy and dry and sane and loving each other for so long. I love those that have come and gone. I love my friends and those who get close enough to come into the crazy mess and stay for a chat or food or whatever. 

Empty rooms will be filled again. With love and laughter and a whole lotta living. Utah might have won this round but man it's not over!!! 

See you soon! 

Monday, August 03, 2015

July 4th


July 4th

I feel like crap. Have had a cold now for too long. June 20 I ran a 10k while being sick I thought I had gotten over it and felt better. Got hit with a new bug. This one makes your chest and throat hurt. Not so much your lymph nodes or your stomach ache. I am just trying to fight off the secondary infection stuff.

Rebecca is actually leaving me. Like Mid August leaving me. This week they house hunt in and around Provo. For me it just stinks there. Lots! Id have to plant so many good smelling plants in my yard and even then.... Winter kills all of it anyways.

At least people won't be a shortage of sales People for essential oils. Or weird tea or intel people. Or mormons. Maybe I should have gone somewhere else for school. Haha!

We ended up at the splash pad in woodland. Which was so nice. The Brown's the Schlottman's and the Grahams were all there. Pat marinated steaks and chicken for the adults. We did leave the grill there cause it was too hot to load back in the car.

The kids had a great time. Gabe was good and was soaked at the end. He liked the water a little too much haha.

So many good memories. We all watched fire works at The Scohlottmans house on their driveway.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Getting more info on the local landscape for the gym.

Contacted a Warrior Sports Gym in Springfield. I am dying to pick their brains about gear, construction, and how many people they got coming and going during a single week. He got back to me by the end of business day. And was just headed out on his honeymoon. That was nice.

I called the city to see about the location we have in mind and how it is gonna go for using that space. WE totally would have to apply for a conditional use permit. It takes about 8 weeks and 3000 to apply. That could totally be worth the large amount of space we'd be getting. I believe it is only zoned for light industrial use. We'll see what happens.

I'm dreaming still.... just dreaming with more knowledge to make it happen capt.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Newborns without Rebecca sad face

Got a couple new blankets and was trying them out without Rebecca. I gotta practice not having the help or the excitement over props. 

I'm so conflicted. They are leaving to the good life. And we are staying and staying and staying. It's time to move and find a place of our own I think. Pat thinks so too but finding one and affording one are two different things. 

I love taking pictures still so I'm not really up for a change of career just yet. (See how I feel come fall) 

Friday, July 24, 2015

LLC or what?

Pretty fun times here. I finally took off with the idea of a business loan and now have to check out how much it would really cost to set this whole idea thing up. I can't imagine making serious cash the first month or two we are open but ehh maybe? I think I'd go thru a credit until maybe for the loan or my bank not sure about that though. Ugh so much writing and planing to get done. But so fun to obsess over and improve my credit score to look credible haha. 

I need more outside help like from trainers and stuff. And maybe a mentor would help. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tidying up woah

I'm not amazing at it yet but for sure moving along nicely:) so many things I need to get rid of yikes!